Friday, 28 October 2011

LAME but that's me

okay this is my first time posting here. HAHA. funny. i know. yeah its so lame. i'm creating this blog...well not me literally. athir helped me A LOT. even this email is his. so thank you athir =) this is my second blog actually.the first blog i made was a couple years ago which am totally forgot about it until when i found out this year on march. was when athir suggested me to create my own blog after he knew that i was like so fascinated with his blog. JAKUN senang cakap.hahha. i only get interested with the layout thingy,gadget and all like some sort of stuff that makes your page looks awesome. ya know. but when it comes to me to do it all? a big NO for me.why? because me just too lazy to figure how this thing work out plus im not into expressing feeling and say what i felt. i love to do that but only to person that really close to me.and im the type of person that hardly express feeling by typing or writing and whatsoever. this takes me like forever only to post this! trust me. haha.i don't know why, it just so hard for me telling about myself. for me its like giving a speech about yourself in front of a whole crowd.its like becoming my fear. and now i'm trying to overcome my fear. hell yeah! maka followers baru 1 orang ba.paling2 1 org ja nampak. kalau bnyak x pa juga. but hey, at least im trying right. pelan2 orang bilang. thats why my old blog had been forgotten so long. kesian si blog lama. i really forgot about it since im like in secondary school. that was when im 16. i started to blog. by that time i was so naive. i just sign up anything in any social web just to have fun. first impression about blog that time, BORING like seriously. even none of my friends own a blog on that time. back to when im started to blog.. well, im kinda expressing my feelings actually. i tell a story! yes!l i am! but..i kept it private. can you believe it? haha. no followers. no one would viewing my blog anyway. im telling few stories about my schools and my life. my old blog was just too only got words in just using blog for merely to express my feeling and just for fun when im bored. time itu tiada istilah mau buat blog yang tercantik di dunia la kan.zaman jahiliah lagi masi ndak tau apa2. lol. but then again when i started to read it..all those memories came rushin back.all the bittersweet moments pictures in my mind. walaupun tidak disertakan gambar bha blog aku tu. haha. i still remember those days. zaman aku time form 4 bha..nasib baik aku cerita sikit jaa..yang tiada2. kalau aku ceta banyak2 lagi time tu. nangis2 juga lah aku membaca tu. haha, joke.okay i think thats it.malas aku datang balik.adios!