Sunday, 6 November 2011

happy but at a same time feeling stress?

hmm. how should i start this.. im gonna be straight up this time.. ok.

SAYA DAPAT UITM. am i happy? yeahh! but im feeling stress out!! why? its like 1weeks+ before the registration day. and i have'nt prepared anything yet. suda la saya benci urus2 nie. yea THANKS A LOT to UITM. thanks a lot -.- tau la saya lambat apply bha. alang2 juga kstau keputusan kan. napa nda tahun depan terus. naaah. aku semangat ne bila yang ada time lagi..awal2. thanks for puttin up my self into this shit. haihhhhh~ kenapa aku kena hukum begini. I got a lot to do before this 16 nov. hopefully i managed to finish this whole things up before the date line.. and im hoping.. everything goes smoothly..

look at the time i post this. haha. YES.could be sleeping disorder or insomnia? i think both. haha. i dont know whats going on with me this lately. it became worst. so i googled about it.then i read this article called
Anxiety Making It Hard to Sleep?
. it says that

Sometimes when we have a lot going in our lives, or we’re nervous or stressed, we can have a hard time falling asleep at night. Here are some techniques anyone can try to get a good night’s sleep when you need it most.

OOHH NOW I KNOW.. HAHA. THATS SO TRUE..IN FACT NOW IM FEELIN STRESS.OKAY I'LL TRY TO REDUCE THIS STRESS.if i can? haha.its just a stress..and what i need to do is just to relax my mind...

Anxiety Making It Hard to Sleep? | Healthmad

you can read it more. if u have this kind of 'disease' like me. hahha.

okay i think i wanna hit the sack. trying and forcing myself to sleep.. and Salam aidiladha =)

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